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The Telegraph: Romania is sliding unremarked into despotism

By Daniel Hannan July 18th, 2012

It started with the cuts. In January, Romania became the fourth EU country (after Greece, Italy and the Netherlands) to see its government fall over Brussels-imposed austerity measures.

Romania has a largely parliamentary system. The president, however, does have important non-ceremonial powers, especially when it comes to the formation of new administrations. President Traian Băsescu, who had been loosely affiliated to the defeated Centre-Right government, accordingly asked Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, an independent, to form a ministry that could deliver budgetary restraint. Leftist parties immediately began to suborn individual MPs until, three months later, the government fell on a confidence motion. A heterogeneous administration was then put together under the socialist Victor Ponta, united mainly by its hostility to the former regime.

It was at this point that events took a troubling turn. The Ponta government soon made clear that it wouldn’t be troubled by constitutional niceties. It set about dismantling every check on its power, ruling by emergency ordinance, annexing state institutions supposedly answerable to the presidency, taking control of state television and seeking to alter the voting system. A commission investigating claims that Ponta had plagiarised his thesis was abrubtly dissolved.

On 26 June, socialist MPs voted to overhaul the impeachment rules, so as to make it easier to remove President Băsescu. It was pretty clear that they had no right to make such a change without amending the constitution; so, at the same time, they passed a law declaring that the constitutional court could no longer rule on the validity of their decisions. The next day, in what was by now starting to look like a straightforward coup d’état, an emergency decree placed the Official Gazette, in which the rulings of the court are published, under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet. Recent judgments which had gone against the government failed to appear in its pages.

Over the past week, the Ponta regime has removed the Ombudsman and the speakers of both parliamentary chambers, failing to follow the correct procedure each time. It has begun impeachment proceedings against the president, while proposing further changes to the electoral rules to ensure that it can win a referendum on his removal. Read More in The Telegraph


The Telegraph: “România alunecă neobservată spre despotism. Liderii europeni sunt îngroziți”

“Totul a început cu măsurile de austeritate. În ianuarie, România a devenit a patra ţară din UE unde guvernul a căzut din cauza măsurilor impuse de Bruxelles”, îşi începe Hannan editorialul.

Jurnalistul prezintă apoi schimbările de pe scena politică românească.

“Preşedintele Traian Băsescu i-a cerut lui Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, un independent, să formează un minister care ar putea impune restricţii bugetare. Partidele de stânga au reuşit apoi să îl dea jos pe acest prim-ministru şi să formeze o administraţie eterogenă – unită, în mare parte, prin ostilitatea faţă de fosta conducere – sub socialistul Victor Ponta”, mai scrie jurnalistul.

 “Guvernul Ponta a demonstrat imediat că nu va fi deranjat de politeţurile constituţionale. A condus ţara prin ordonanţe de urgenţă, anexând instituţii ale statului, care ar fi trebuit să răspundă în faţa preşedinţiei, şi prelunând controlul asupra televiziunii naţionale, dar şi încercând să schimbe sistemul de vot. O comisie care investiga acuzaţiile de plagiat asupra tezei de doctorat a lui Victor Ponta a fost imediat dizolvată”, se menţionează în The Telegraph. Traducere din EVZ


2 Responses

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  1. dar au tupeu, si ii dau pe totzi in judecatä.

    se fac de ras, niste lupi deranjatzi dela sfasiat

    theo- nona

    July 19, 2012 at 5:24 pm

  2. Cred ca Nicolaescu va avea o mica problema . Si Hannan vorbeste de “coup d’état”
    De citit si comentariile din the Telegraph. Au aparut si acolo postacii.


    July 19, 2012 at 5:34 pm

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