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Putin: Don’t rush to strike Iran

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President Vladimir Putin expressed his reservations over the prospect of a military strike in Iran, urging Israel Monday to learn from negative US experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. Putin’s comments were made in a meeting with Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, after Israel’s president asked the visiting leader to speak out on the Iran issue.

“Look at what happened to the Americans in Afghanistan and in Iraq. I told Obama the same thing,” the visiting president said in a meeting with his Israeli counterpart, cautioning against hasty military action. “There is no need to do things too quickly; one should not act without thinking first.”

“Iraq has a pro-Iranian regime after everything that has happened there. These things should be thought out ahead of time before doing something one will regret later,” he said. “One should not act prematurely.”

‘Russia wants peace for Israel’

Earlier in the evening, Putin said that his country “has a national interest in guaranteeing peace and tranquility for Israel.”

The Russian president noted that the former Soviet Union supported the State of Israel’s establishment, adding that his talks earlier Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were constructive and pertained to the need to boost strategic ties between the two countries.

Speaking at a state dinner held for his Russian counterpart, Peres expressed his hope that Putin would contribute to the achievement of peace in the region, making note of his “warm attitude” towards the Jewish state.

 Peres added that “the Iranian people are not our enemy. Israel does threaten their existence. It is Iran’s current regime that indentifies itself as an enemy of Israel and a threat to its existence.”

‘Friendly ties’

Speaking to the media after meeting PM Netanyahu, Putin thanked Israel’s leadership for inviting him to visit.

“My visit here reinforced the assumption that we have friendly relations, and these are not just friendly relations,” Putin said. “This is a solid basis for building dialogue and partnership.”

Earlier Monday, President Peres greeted Putin in a dedication ceremony for a memorial to the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany in Netanya. Peres said he is certain that Russia, which fought fascism, will not tolerate similar threats, “not an Iranian threat and not bloodshed in Syria.” Read More in Ynet.


Written by Theophyle

June 26, 2012 at 8:43 am

2 Responses

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  1. neata ! 2 popoare puternice cu lideri care decid soarta lumii. totusi rusii au ramas la fel de ipocriti ca intotdeauna :)putea tovarasul putin sa dea exemplu din istoria tarii sale cu ce au patit sovieticii prin afganistan dar propaganda bolsevica e in plina era a relansarii 🙂


    June 26, 2012 at 9:10 am

    • Salut Ziggy,
      doua state pragmatice care au o agenda proprie fiecare. Pana la urma israelienii i-au aratat lui Obama pisica. Nu din dragoste pentru Rusia ci din necesitate geopolitica. Tare as vrea ca si noi sa judecam in acelasi mod! Si nu neeaparat cu Rusia care este un inamic istoric al Romaniei.


      June 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

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