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Voicu affair and Geoana’s mother-in-law connection

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Senate’s plenum yesterday approved anticorruption prosecutors’ request to remand Senator Catalin Voicu, with just a vote above the needed minimum. The request passed with 70 votes, against a minimum 69 required. Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana explained that the vote will result in a Senate decision that he will send to the Justice Ministry, with no delay. Under Senate Regulations, custody, arrest or search requests are to be treated with priority and the Senate decides over them by secret vote, requiring a majority of ballots.

Prior to the vote, Liberals announced they would support the arrest demand. PNL President Crin Antonescu said his party’s senators gave “without hesitation” a vote in favour of the DNA request. Social-Democrats received no political recommendation from their leaders and voted as dictated by conscience. One of the PSD senators who voted for the arrest, Dan Sova, argued that it was a vote of confidence for the legal system. The paradox of the day was the unexpected support received by Voicu from… a Democrat-Liberal MP. PDL Senator Iulian Urban commented that Voicu’s drama was subject to a media lynching campaign, because no legal proceeding should be turned into a show. “There is one thing to debate a transcript, and a different thing to go beyond a limit, to make associations with a mobster in the TV scrollbar, with soundtracks from mafia movies running in the background. This is public lynching and (audiovisual watchdog) CNA allowed it to happen,” Urban said.

Yesterday’s ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily newspaper, quoting political sources, reported that Margareta Costea, Mircea Geoana’s mother-in-law, is among those who resorted to Voicu’s ‘services’, in a case surrounding the circumstances wherein she obtained a revolutionary certificate. According to the paper, sources with the Social Democrat Party (PSD) say Costea allegedly promised Voicu to intervene with Geoana and convince him to name the senator interior minister. Asked how he comments on the allegations, Geoana answered: “They are lies and fabrications of the orange press type. I recommend that you should not read the orange press since it is bad for your liver.” In her turn, Costea rejected the allegations, telling Realitatea TV the revolutionary certificate issue was closed four years ago, when she did not even know Voicu.


Written by Theophyle

March 25, 2010 at 9:54 am

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