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Voicu affair at the Senate’s legal committee

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Senate’s legal committee yesterday approved anticorruption prosecutors’ request to detain MP Catalin Voicu, the head of the committee, Senator Toni Grebla said. The decision was made with eight votes in favour and three against. The committee’s report and recommendation will go to the chamber’s Standing Bureau, as Senate is scheduled to vote in plenary session on prosecutors’ demand. Voicu, probed for influence peddling and taking bribes, is part of the opposition Social Democrats’ group, but he suspended his party membership pending inquiries. Voicu is the first lawmaker whose arrest was ever demanded by prosecutors.

Voicu, who is accused of having used his influence on top magistrates and police in order to help various businessmen and politicians who were facing legal problems, told the committee that he wants to benefit “from a humane, fair treatment” and to be given the possibility of being probed out of custody. He added that the file put together by anticorruption prosecutors is full of inconsistencies and that the transcripts released to the media in the last few days were forged and edited by prosecutors so as to compromise him.

After the hearing, Voicu told reporters that if Senate approves his arrest, it will open ‘Pandora’s Box’ and that others “who are not sitting comfortably, thinking they’re untouchable” will follow. When asked whether he could name the people he was referring to, Voicu refused, saying it was only a “hunch.”  The statement echoed previous comments he made for daily ‘Gandul.’ Voicu told the newspaper that although he is now dubbed ‘head of Mafia,’ it is absurd for anyone to think he could have managed to do all the things he is accused of by himself.

Commenting on the case on Monday evening, Prime Minister Emil Boc said there were attempts to name Voicu on other positions as well, not only on the interior minister job. In a show on B1 TV on Monday evening, Boc said that when he saw the transcripts made public by the media in the case, he understood why PSD was so keen on naming Voicu interior minister. “I realize now there were other interests at stake,” Boc said.


Written by Theophyle

March 24, 2010 at 11:03 am

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  1. Theo,

    The subject is good, the narration is fluent. No hard feelings, but I think you need to link this blog to some outsiders – News (Media) to give some shivering to Romanian Mafia. Those links suppose to be highlighted and exposed on your page, and then bad guys would pay more attention when knowing that West World is informed promptly right from the source.


    March 24, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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